Aviasales Tips and Tricks


Developed an advertising campaign for Aviasales and got a surge in organic reach.


No-flight weather

At the peak of the pandemic, the number of flights dropped by 80-90%. But there were still open destinations and it was important for Aviasales to give information about them. The brand decided to launch a campaign to remind a wider audience about their service and the opportunity to fly.


To support ticket sales through Aviasales and reach the maximum audience.


Life hacks cracked

Everyone is so sick of life hacks that commercials that mock the genre have become a trend in the West. Dasha Kubik, a TikToker, was one of the first in Russia to film sarcastic 'life hacks' and make them popular. We got on the trend and jumped in with the Aviasales ad.

Idea and concept

Putting it in a box

We took the template of a viral TikTok and embedded the brand into it. How do you make a projector out of an old pot? You can't. It's easier to buy a ticket on Aviasales. It's easy and, most importantly, realistic. That's how the concept of funny life hacks and the creative framework came about.

Media strategy

Going beyond

The whole concept is a classic TikTok format. But we were confident in the power of the idea, and that it would work in any channel. So, we launched an advertising campaign on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Stories. TikTok was just a casting tool, through which we discovered bloggers and other charismatic, dynamic personalities.

How We Selected Bloggers

Life Hacks

We made the decision to reach the maximum audience. A range of bloggers were chosen for this: young and old, male and female, boomers and zoomers, well-known and niche. This is a more effective way of targeting commercials to different audience segments.

Faces of the advertising campaign


Singer famous for parody covers


Hustle rapper

Arine on TV

Actress and parodic singer

Gadzhi Ataev


Shura Stone

The fragrance thief

Olga Kravtsova

One of the Kubik v Kube voices

David Avanesov

Autoblogger and VAZ restorer

Ilya Kuruch

Standup comedian

Natalie Gurmanova


Orange Pasolini


Daria Furman

Actress and scriptwriter

Nikolai Maratkanov


Natasha Olina

Creative entrepreneur

Family patrol

Family of comedy bloggers

Sasha Maloy

Standup comedian


Later on, other bloggers picked up the concept and started filming their own videos following our creative framework. The Aviasales team also joined the advertising campaign. Senior creator Dasha Khlestko, PR director Janis Dzenis, and marketing head Dasha Patiutko shot the clips, which you can watch below.

Video Production

Autopilot Filming

The bloggers shot 99 percent of the videos, we just described the creative framework to them. Our director kept an eye on the footage through Zoom, like a pilot watching their instruments while on autopilot. It was a new approach for us and the bloggers.

Campaign figures

The results are top-notch

With our creative framework, even little-known characters came out with engaging videos. For example, a video by screenwriter Gadzhi Ataev got the same percentage of views as SQWOZ BAB (44%). And here are more figures:

  • 17 videos with different characters and life hacks;
  • 30 million views/u003c/strong> total on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram;
  • 60% of views — over half of videos — watched without skipping.
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